Non-government Organisations

Providing training and consultancy services to non-government organisations

Complex Care provides training and consultancy services in Queensland and New South Wales to non-government organisations operating out-of-home care programs or providing other community services to children and young people with complex needs. Complex Care has established a reputation within the non-government out-of-home care sector for their professional comprehensive approach to service analysis and evaluation, and their innovative strategies for enhancing service development including tailored training and staff recruitment options.

Below is a list of the services that Complex Care currently provides to the non-government sector:

Service Delivery and Change Management

  • Review and evaluate current service delivery processes in line with licensing standards, client’s therapeutic needs and research into best practice
  • Streamline service delivery, enhance case-management processes, and increase staff knowledge and accountability
  • Provide new and developing residential care services with an evidence based, trauma and attachment informed therapeutic framework for service delivery
  • Identify and support the resolution of parallel processes
  • Support Management to implement new processes, develop collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders and create a child-focused professional work culture
  • Facilitate team building and strategic planning

Case conferencing

  • Facilitate team discussions and provide specialist support around complex cases through:
  • Provision of case mentoring, group supervision and planning days
  • Supporting staff to reframe and understand client behaviours in the context of complex trauma, attachment and grief/loss
  • Teaching evidence-based strategies to work with specific complex behaviours
  • Supporting the development of comprehensive risk management strategies and holistic care plans

Development of Submissions and Transitionally Funded Support Packages

  • Develop innovative residential care submissions that reflect contemporary research and best practice principles, and respond to locally identified needs
  • Develop individually tailored packages of support to meet the specific complex care needs of children, young people and sibling groups


  • Provide consultation and support throughout all stages of the licensing process
  • Support with drafting and evaluating service work instructions
  • Support with the roll out of new work instructions (Staff Training and Change Management)
  • Conducting Internal Output Audits
  • Preparation and Submission of Application